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This photographic workshop
is a guided tour designed
to give photographers
the opportunity to capture
images of the common loon.


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All Pictures ©2012 Charles Glatzer,

A photographer’s paradise . . . from dawn to dark

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Join award winning photographer Charles Glatzer and Cheryl Ertelt for 4 days of loon photography on Lake Nettie. Loons have been nesting on a small island near Nettie Bay Lodge for the last 9 years and the workshop is scheduled at a time when young chicks have most often been present in the past. These loons, while not tolerant of craft that are paddled, are very tolerant of the pontoon boat that we will be using. They frequently swim very close and even dive under the boat. This is a unique opportunity to get close to a very beautiful bird and observe and photograph a variety of behaviors.

To best optimize our photo success we will shoot in 2-hour intervals in the early mornings and early evening. A flat deck pontoon boat, which comfortably accommodates 4 people, will be used for water photography. When not on the boat you may explore the NettieBay area. This area is a mecca for the nature photographer with its many bogs, swamps wetlands and open fields. Wilderness Park, with its numerous varieties of flowers provides many additional photo subjects.



Charles Glatzer is a Certified Professional Commercial Photographer with a Master of Photography Degree, and an Award winning photographer, a two-time recipient of the Kodak Gallery Award of Excellence, "the benchmark for saluting technical execution and visual impact in the photographic arts.” Charles possesses a wide range of photographic talents with a special emphasis in Nature and Underwater photography.

A full time Professional photographer and teacher for more than 20 years, he owns and hosts "Shoot the Light" Instructional Photographic Workshops throughout the USA and abroad.

As with all other trips, this is a workshop, not just a photo tour. Instruction is designed to enhance your visionary skills, as well as your technical execution. Special emphasis is placed on creating images with Visual Impact. Increase your proficiency while using compositional elements and light to design in-camera images that are a cut above. All Workshops now employ state of the art Digital Technology, allowing real time, in-field assessment of metering theory and compensation, composition, fill flash, DOF, etc. Daily critique sessions and Photoshop instruction will greatly add to the learning environment. Capture One and additional software for the digital photographer will be presented. Providing the most education for your dollar is paramount.