General Contest Rules:

1.          Hunt begins from one of 9 locations at 7:00 P.M. the first night of the competition. Each hunter must sign-in at a location prior to the beginning of the competition. The locations are Millersburg VFW(open until 8:00pm then from NettieBay Lodge)Hawks; Jays Sporting Goods, Clare & Gaylord; Gander Mountain, Kentwood and Coldwater; V.F. Sports, Port Huron; Bare's Sport Shop, St. Charles; Midwest Sports, Brighton. Any other locations must be approved by Mark Schuler

2.          You must abide by ALL rules and regulations of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

3.          Each team will consist of 1 - 3 people.

4.          Each team member can sit 100-200 yards apart while calling or in the same stand, but must travel in the same vehicle together at the same time.

5.          All types of calls are permitted except the use of live animals or dogs.

6.          All coyotes, bobcats, and fox checked in must have been called and shot during competition hours.  No trapped, poisoned, pen-raised, freezer varmint, freeway varmint or friendship predator (donated by a buddy) will be allowed. No shooting from aircraft or snow machines accepted.

7.          In order to encourage statewide involvement: It will be required that each successful team MUST phone in to register a kill. You must identify the sex, time shot, location, type of call used, and shotgun or rifle used.

8.          Proof of kill. The foam piece needs to be in the mouth and secured at Saturdays check-in. NO EXCEPTION. Each team must bring in every kill whole.  Core temperatures can be checked.

9.          Successful teams, line up in front of the building to be checked in. The first judge will check the number of coyote, bobcat, and fox taken by your team.  He/she will also record your time in on the last day.  Then move up to the next judge for your final check and examination.

10.          Winners are determined by point system:  Coyote 50 points, Fox 75 points, Bobcat 100 points. Each animal will be weighed.  Ties will be broken by total weight of all predators harvested by each team.  If a tie still exists, the first vehicle in will decide all ties on the last day.

11.        In the event of a questionable kill, examinations will be conducted. If any coyote, bobcat, or fox is disqualified, the team is disqualified.

12.        Information tags will be supplied by NettieBay Lodge and filled out by the team members to be placed on species harvested and hung on pole.

13.        You may keep your predator or sell them on location to a licensed fur buyer upon completion of the competition.

14.        We are not responsible for any accidents, losses, or acts of God.

15.        All decisions of the event coordinators are final.

On behalf of NettieBay Lodge, we thank you for your interest and participation in this annual
Michigan Predator Hunt Team Competition Contest.

  We wish you a safe and happy hunt, and invite you to return again.

Thanks Again and Good Calling

Mark Schuler