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Ron Barch is an experienced outdoorsmen with a passion for hand-crafting fly rods.

Ron is editor of The Planing Form, an international newsletter for split bamboo enthusiasts. Ron has also authored and published The Best of The Planing Form, a current rodmaking bestseller. His list of credits includes; skilled woodworker, instructor, rodmaker, angler, author, lecturer and dedicated environmentalist. Ron has designed and crafted bamboo rods for Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and environmental groups such as Trout Unlimited. He understands what a fly rod should accomplish and how to make one that meets the angler's expectations.

John Long for the past 15 years, John has perfected his rodmaking skills and master innovative techniques, such as one-piece, nodeless, and hollow rods. As a student of the late Midwestern master rodmaker, William Waara, John developed a keen awareness of a "good taper" and builds this knowledge into his fly rods. He is also an engineering technician and brings these skills to the workbench. As a certified FFF casting instructor, John understands the nuances of casting style and rod performance. His rods and casting skills have served him well in his travels to foreign places like Finnish Lapland and the Soviet Union in search of trout and Atlantic salmon angling adventures.